Where can I find the seed for server?

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  • You can download your world and start it in single player, it will show the seed.

    You can also download the *.fwl file which is in the same folder as the savegame (*.db file).


    Open it with a text editor (e.g. notepad++) and check the second line. Everything before the question mark is the seed.

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  • I could not find the seed in worlds>dedicated. That file is .fwl or .db and is not readable.

    To find seed you can download your world files.



    Copy them into your games worlds directory. Restart your game if it is not closed at this point.

    When you start the game you will see your dedicated server world as an option to join privately.

    This will show your seed on the right.

  • hi there, i found a website that generates world maps for valheim, if you go to your server and go to brows files, download the file with the world name you gave it, then go to this website Valheim World Generator: Seed Extractor and click on chose file, and select the *.fwl file you downloaded, once you do that, it will tell you bellow your seed code and you can click on it to view the map bosses locations ect.. i hope that helps .