Love evolved unabe to be deactivated

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  • Hello all,

    The date for which love evolved has long passed but the event is still active on my server.

    I've tried setting the event to "current official event" and also I've manually selected "none" and after restart, the love evolved is still active on the server...

    Any tips?

    Thank you

  • I have disabled, clicked save changes, restarted the server, tried full on stopping the server and starting agin, multiple dino wipes.

    Just checked right now actually and still have the fish with hearts and items dropping when breeding

    I appreciate the response though, I think i will go through those steps again and see if it sticks this time

  • I'm sorry for not being a bit more clear about the steps. My bad.

    You have to fully stop the server before making changes and saving them, before you start it up again.

    Though it should work in theory, with the way the developer patches the game and how Nitrado's servers work, you can't guarantee that any of it will work, sadly.

  • Well, I looked through all the updates since VDay activated. None actually say it has been deactivated. I could only find where they said it is extended.

    Even in the official discord for ARK its still activated.

    I could only find "v323.6 - 02/23/2021 - Major version update"

    It is not worded its been removed, but it is a major update. Its activated on my servers as well.

    I guess keep an eye on the official ARK Forums, and discord.


    Closed the thread.