The server will now restart... (stuck on server setup)

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  • Hi

    I purchased a Nitrado Valheim server as it said the setup would be instant. However, it's been stuck saying restarting for a while now, with it occasionally suggesting I either Force Start or Stop the server, which just causes it to get stuck restarting anyway.

    Is this normal?


  • I had the same issue when i first got my server a little over a week ago. It seemed to fix itself after a couple hours, way before they responded to my support ticket.
    I am having the same today, i think it may have to do with the update being pushed.

  • I just bought this server and I have used Nitrado in the past for ARK but this valheim won't set up. Tried to reinstall it a couple of times, same issue, the server can't execute. Put a ticket last night still haven't heard anything back feeling like I got ripped off. I look at the server console and I am seeing errors and restart loops here is a small bit of what I see.

    (Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) Bad thread localsrc/tier1/fileio.cpp (4914) : Assertion Failed: s_bExit src/tier1/fileio.cpp (4914) : Assertion Failed: s_bExit Bad thread localBad thread localsrc/tier1/fileio.cpp (4916) : Assertion Failed: m_vecRegisteredWriters.Count() == 0 src/tier1/fileio.cpp (4916) : Assertion Failed: m_vecRegisteredWriters.Count() == 0 Bad thread localBad thread localsrc/tier1/fileio.cpp (4976) : Assertion Failed: CFileWriterThread already exited src/tier1/fileio.cpp (4976) : Assertion Failed: CFileWriterThread already exited Bad thread localGameserver exited successfully... Connection to container lost.