Cannot get into admin commands

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  • I have a server for me (on PC) and some family (on XBox). I have an admin password set up, but when I hit tab to pull up the console and type "EnableCheats *******" nothing happens. I get no confirmation message or anything else. The pause menu doesn't show the extra box I've seen on some videos for admin commands. I enter in cheats like "EnableSpectator" and nothing happens. I've restarted the server just in case and still nothing. Does it have anything to do with the cross-play nature of our server? Do I need to add a command to the ini file to enable admin commands and/or cheats?

  • Hello

    When you pull up the tab it should say request admin. You put just your password in and click where it says request admin. It should then change to admin command. From From you can put the cheats you want in.

    On console it shoild be lb,rb, x, y. On the pause menu when in the server.

    Pc should just be tab.

  • Thank you for the response. I am on PC. (My family is on XBox.) I hit tab, get a simple prompt of white text on a black background and it has a > for the promt. I type "EnableCheats [admin password]", hit enter, and nothing happens. I type just the admin password, hit enter, and nothing happens. There's nothing that I type in the console that comes up when I hit tab that results in any sort of response from the game. I've never seen a "request admin" box come up. I've attached a screencap that shows what I get. That's when I hit tab twice. When I hit it once, it's just a thin line at the bottom of the screen.

    I didn't type any actual commands in (partially because I didn't want to post my admin password) but it matters not because typing actual commands results in exactly what is seen here.

  • With PC it is just enablecheats thepassword here

    Then press enter.

    You do not get a confirmation. Once you do the command try an admin command.

    You could also set a new pass, and click save. It could be that your browser or app saved an incorrect pass.

    I would also recommend setting up Method 2 from this link. Also enable Creative Mode on the server. Then you can go into admin and mode to do anything faster.

  • Thanks. Got it working!