Cannot get into admin commands

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  • I have a server for me (on PC) and some family (on XBox). I have an admin password set up, but when I hit tab to pull up the console and type "EnableCheats *******" nothing happens. I get no confirmation message or anything else. The pause menu doesn't show the extra box I've seen on some videos for admin commands. I enter in cheats like "EnableSpectator" and nothing happens. I've restarted the server just in case and still nothing. Does it have anything to do with the cross-play nature of our server? Do I need to add a command to the ini file to enable admin commands and/or cheats?

  • Thank you for the response. I am on PC. (My family is on XBox.) I hit tab, get a simple prompt of white text on a black background and it has a > for the promt. I type "EnableCheats [admin password]", hit enter, and nothing happens. I type just the admin password, hit enter, and nothing happens. There's nothing that I type in the console that comes up when I hit tab that results in any sort of response from the game. I've never seen a "request admin" box come up. I've attached a screencap that shows what I get. That's when I hit tab twice. When I hit it once, it's just a thin line at the bottom of the screen.

    I didn't type any actual commands in (partially because I didn't want to post my admin password) but it matters not because typing actual commands results in exactly what is seen here.

  • With PC it is just enablecheats thepassword here

    Then press enter.

    You do not get a confirmation. Once you do the command try an admin command.

    You could also set a new pass, and click save. It could be that your browser or app saved an incorrect pass.

    I would also recommend setting up Method 2 from this link. Also enable Creative Mode on the server. Then you can go into admin and mode to do anything faster.

  • Thanks. Got it working!