Server Stuck in a Perpetual restart Loop

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  • Have you tried the Support Ticket funktion, i had the same Problem and 4hours after wsending the letter my server was back on.

    Letter writing is pretty simple for example:

    Dear Support Team,

    I`m currently stuck in a restart loop after buying my first 30 days 10 slots Ark server:

    ARK: Survival Evolved (PC)

    Ip/Domain: !!The IP of your Server!!

    No Mods, Map Crystal Isles

    The Log-files are not there after Reinstall

    Before Reinstall, there just stand: Restarting Server or sth. like that.

    Solutions i tried:

    Stopping and restarting several times (waiting ca. hour)

    I waited 12 hours too but nothing happend

    Reinstalling and waiting (i h`avent changed any settings but the server didnt start once)

    I searched the Forum and FAQs but there wasnt any other solution.

    Can you help me?

    LG Raphan