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  • So this is my first time hosting a dedicated server.
    finally was able to get into it with a friend after about an hour or so. Anyway, i have a few questions
    i believe i changed the server name but im 100% unsure if i did or not.
    So is the only way to access the server if i type in the ip:port and then the password?
    once my friend logged into it, it did not show up in his join game lists.
    in my personal start game lists there is a server titled dedicated and one titled what i believe to have changed it too but when i start those ones they are brand new undiscovered maps.
    so i guess my questions are how can we make it so we dont have to type in the ip:port every time and am i able to delete these new worlds that havent been explored yet? the one we were one using the ip:port is already explored and what not
    i dont want to accidentally delete or restart the server as a group of us will be building on there
    Thanks in advance for anybody that can help