Multiple dashboard problems

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  • Hey guys.

    First of all: I have no experience of running a game server, so that may cause my problems.

    Since I set up the server last night, I'm experiencing the following:

    - server is not listed in ingame server list (will it ever? does it take at least 24h? )

    - I added the server to Steam fav list... IP and Port is shown but it says the server is not responding

    - The settings I made seem to have been adopted, but they are reset in the dashboard of the Nitrado page. While the server password remains, the MOTD (although it is shown twice but correctly ingame) and admin password are reset to "factory setting" but stay correct ingame...

    the server is accessable by direct connection but thats kind of clumpsy...

  • LipLensflare

    Changed the title of the thread from “Multible” to “Multiple dashboard problems”.