Basic questions about renting servers.

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  • Hi,

    My friend and I tried playing Valheim through normal server start connections and I join him or he joins my world etc, but we had a terrible experience. We could rarely see each other, if we did one of us was floating and our map layouts were not at all the same. To fix this, we are investigating and looking into renting a server. If we rented from Nitrado, would we basically just create a server name, they pop it up into the join tab and we login with a password set that we only know?

    Secondly, would he or myself be able to login whenever we want separately or together without having to have the other online?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    When you order a server you are able to create your server name.

    Your friends would add the IP address of the server to Steam Favs. Remember to add to favs it is +1 for the port. Example: Say your IP is 31.x.x.x:12345 your friends would add 31.x.x.x:12346 to favs and search/connect that way.

    All Valheim servers atm require a password to be set. So no one can connect unless you give it out.

    Server is online 24x7 unless you shut it down. When it is up, anyone with the pass and ip info can connect.

  • Thank you.

    We would be essentially connecting to a reliable 3rd party source right? For some reason when it was him hosting or me, we would both have serious problems. Connection issues, disconnection issues, server issues, map issues etc. We couldn't play together.

    This would be resolved with a server from Nitrado right?

  • When folks run SP or servers from their own home they need to manage things like the firewall, along with hardware/software updates, then the bandwidth.

    Internet has its own issues. So with any provider you may experience issues as you mention above. This is also an Early Access game so you may have some issues.

    The site does allow a server purchase for 3 days. You may want to look into that and see how it goes.

  • you will get worse lag desync with server save your time and money wait until they do few updates just look at forum posts and see peoples issues

    Yes, there are issues, but please remember this is still an "early access" game. Maybe nitrado can fix some things but certain performance problems have to be fixed by the developer.

    For me, a server is running since the day they got available and i'm playing on it with 3 people. I had only 1 problem so far (update screwed up the save) but i could fix it easily.

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