Server not listing itself on Funcom listing

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  • Hello,

    We started our server last night after a bad experience with Gportal. I didn't see the name on the list and thought it was just a time thing, that I would have to wait a few hours for it to properly list. It's been about 8 hours and still the server is not listing. I cannot see the server in the server name list, the only thing I can do is direct connect. I'm hoping we can get this fixed quickly.



  • Having Same problem here, already 2 first server is ok, so i decide to purchase second server with new DLC MAP, but it wont show in global server list.

  • Hello Nitrado - I also Have this problem. I cant even do the direct connect it just says timed out. Did manage to get it today, then it crashed, reset server got in then crashed again. others are able to connect with the direct connect i gave them, so cant understand why i cant see server now and i cant use direct connect. server is up as well. so a bit stumped and all i find is fixes for steam accounts which this isnt.