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  • Hello all :)

    Some of my friends and I started some days ago with a dedicated server and one of my frieds was hosting this.

    Now we would like to make it online so he do not have to host the server for the rest of us to play.

    The problem is that the server is not working.

    I have used this link to uploade the server.


    -The offline server is working for me with no problem.

    -The online server (from scratch) is also workign with no problem.

    It is only when the offline server is moved from




    via filezilla there are problems.

    It also seams like the server is restarting pretty often.

    Anyone got some information about how to get this working?

    I hope someone can help me

    Best regards


  • you mentioned only the copy&paste of the world, did you also set the correct name in the webinterface for the world? (this is also described in the wiki you linked)

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  • 1. Stop the server.

    2. Remove all world files from the server.

    3. Set the server world name from Web Interface to match the world save you wish to use.

    4. Move the world file to the server with its original name (do not rename the file).

    5. Start the server.

    I had to go through this process 4-5 times until it worked properly. Additionally, if the world name has a space in it, that might be causing issues as well - at this point rename it prior to anything .. and make back-ups before applying any changes to the file.

  • Also - in Filezilla:

    Goto Transfer menu

    Transfer Type

    Select Binary.

    Using the other two options can lead to corrupted files going up - I had so many issues with 7dtd until someone showed me this. No problems since I selected Binary as the transfer method.

    Adr :)