How Do I Do Ark Server Custom "/" Commands?

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  • Hey, sorry if this is a dumb question or if this has been answered before somewhere (I've been searching for hours) but I, for the life of me, can't find out how to add custom "/" commands. I have scoured google for a couple hours to no avail and am a super greenhorn when it comes to server management. This could easily be worded as something I just don't have knowledge of for it's terminology yet. If so, I apologize for my smol brain:S.
    My intent is to allow players to type /discord for the discord link to an Ark server I purchased.

    Thank you so much for any help! :)

  • Well, the / command is for discord servers and if you are running bots. You could set up /server and it displays in the discord your server info.

    If you are looking for like an ingame /server which displays in discord those can be bots or mods. Both are able to do that if you find the right one. Some use webhooks which require the use of the api. Google searching more will find you more info.

    Others here in the Community may have more info they would share or comment on.