Forge/Vanilla Internal Exception java.ioException : An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

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  • Since a few days I cannot join my Minecraft server or if I'm able to join I'm getting kicked after a few seconds.

    Sometimes I'm not getting kicked, but then even though my Internet is working fine, it's so laggy that it's almost unplayable.

    It's working fine for my friends, but 2 of my friends encountered that same problem a few weeks ago, but now it's working fine for them.

    I have literally tried everything, from resetting the Minecraft server till reinstalling my Minecraft. I even tried using an VPN which made it playable for a few seconds before getting kicked. Also when getting kicked this message comes up (Uploaded it).

    I have searched in the Internet, but it doesn't seem to have an solution yet. Some were saying that it's just the "low quality" nitrado servers, which made me think of switching hostes, what would be a real pain in the ***, but if it's not working otherways it's the only option.

    Hope to get a solution soon, or just a simple reply from the staff, because my patience reached it's limits.