Bought a server 2 hours ago ....

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  • Warning : The gameserver is neither started or stopped for some time. If this state is not intended, you can force start or stop the gameserver.

    Either option does nothing, I can see Im not the only one with issues at the minute but I can see others are having other errors, im having this one. Server logs just show restarts and
    stops that i forced when Iv been met with this warning message. Just thought id pitch in.

  • This is why I should look at forums before buying, but then again, why would someone sell a server that doesnt exist ..... Im buying one on another service and ill get back to this thread to save anyone else the hassle. Serves me right for going for brand recognition and nostalgia than actual good service.

  • GTX instantly worked. Id delete this account now if it would let me but apparently I have to let the service run before I can even do that, hilarious. All it would take is 'we are experiencing issues at the minute' so I dont waste my time and money would have meant I would have come back at another point whereas this way, Im recommending anyone but Nitrado. Great work (Y)


    Closed the thread.