my server is crashing and rolling back continuously

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  • This keeps happening for me as well.

    Sometimes cannot get back into the server for ages event though it's showing on the sever list.

    I have tried to restart server, but it doesn't change anything.

    I'm not sure if this has any association to the Valentine's event? It's only been happening since that event launched for me.

    I'm running the Valguero map

  • Well I would tell you all to contact Nitrado but lets face it THEY SUCK when it comes to this issue. My server has been doing this since December and Nitrado is now to the point of calling me a liar about the rollbacks. All they will do is constantly switch the machines you are on, tell you to reinstall your server (you lose everything) or it is YOUR FAULT due to settings. So to sum it up Nitrado dont give a crap and refuse to man up and admitt it is THEIR FAULT! One of their workers even told me back in December when my issues first started that they made the servers more sensitive to the settings. So the settings I used for OVER 2 years ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE ISSUE!!!! So what should you do? Well according to Nitrado you are supposed to reset your settings basically back to default because if you dont well its YOUR FAULT or you are a LIAR when you say that they rolled it back!

    It has gone to the point that the settings they reveresed on my account is wrong and causing the issue. Once again they say they did not do it and it is my fault! I guess to sum it up get used to not playing the server you paid for. Mine is paid up for 710 days and I can not use it. I can care less about what i post here since all that is left is for them to ban me from a game i CANT play on a server that BOOTS and rollsback EVERYTIME i log on. So I am basically ban now!