Rubber Band / Lag Spike Issue

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  • Let me get it out of the but the I don't own the server I'm asking this for I'm helping the owner figure out how to fix it.

    So here is the issue its a cluster open to the public and has all maps. Three of the maps are having the issue. What's happening is its like a kind of lag spike where where moving around and cant do anything and 15-45 seconds later it teleports you back to where you were then. No clue why its doing that so if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. The maps its affecting is scorched, extinction, and valg. The servers are on ps4

  • I am having some what of similar issue. Lag spikes are crazy. I cannot access anything at all while playing most of the time. I will be in my base and can’t open anything. So a second player had to run around until they find out where I am on the map and guide me to the inside of my base even though on my screen that is where I was the whole time. If we can get my two bodies to stand in the exact same spot then everything is back to normal and I can access items again. It lasts until I walk around for a little bit then rinse and repeat. Internet seppds are 99.3 Mbps download and 3.0mbps upload. One person on my server is in the same house hold and not seeing nearly as many issues as me but she does get rubberbanded as well. My server has been moved to different machines in New York. And then moved from New York to Miami servers. Running no mods and have set all server settings to default. Never had them that high in the first place. Taming speed was 2.5 resources was 1.2 and their health was .8. That was the only settings really changed. I turned on optimize ram just to see if that would help and no progress. I am the server owner. I have restarted the server countless time, restarted my internet, completely uninstalled all ark data including game configuration and all local files. Nitrado hasn’t emailed back to help fix the issue in 24 hours and they usually don’t email back until around 9:00 - 10:00 pm in which I’m usually going to sleep. I need assistance because the game is unplayable in its current state. Sorry for raiding you forum I didn’t mean to start this I just wanted to let you know I’m having the same issues and this is crazy. We would like some support to actually play the game if you are experiencing anything like me you can get a a solid 1 minute of gameplay before it gets unbearable.