Ps4 flyer command update

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  • i know I can be a technological idiot, been trying for the last 4/5 hours to set up the flyer level increase on ps4 with obviously my Nitrado server, following directions explicitly and nothing, all I been able to do is make my server not show up, yeah fun, can't call nitrado to see if they can help, my time zone they never answer as not open in the morning, can anyone possibly help with this problem ?

  • Drakexz

    Added the Label PS4
  • No matter where this gets moved to, 5 phone calls 2 of which the staffer put in the command for ps4 flyer level up, does not work, tier 3 tech says go check the forum, you can teach a monkey to say that so whats the point of a "tier 3 tech" in which there is nothing, thanks nitrado, blatently obvious why people are not happy with your customer service, you now have another unsatisfied customer, like you actually care, you got your money right ..

  • What are you trying to do exactly make it so when you level up like health for example it puts in more then the normal amount like instead of 100 per point 200 or you trying to do something else

  • If you can’t get that to work now my only solution for now is to just to put movement speed up for all dinos if you want faster birds.
    is it a pvp or pve server if it’s pve then I get it wanting to have faster birds but pvp I don’t think you need them man I have a pvp server and I don’t have faster flyers it’s honestly fine without