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  • So I paid for a server and the server isn't showing up. I have tried to direct connect to it as well. But every time I receive the same message. "Server is not found". One thing I also notice is under my Web interface I am getting 0 feedback from the memory or cpu usage as well. Normally if the game was running I would still get some type of feedback. But I am not. This is purely on Nitrado's side and just need it fixed as soon as possible and if you are wondering yes it tried restarting it multiple times and also tried stopping it and starting it. lol

  • Hey I am having the same issue. in regards to server not found when adding the server directly through steam, don't forget to change the port address, however this just created a different error for me. I can see the server there, it does not associate it with Valheim, it shows name, player slots, map, latency, but has the below error.


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