Configs are disabling themself after server restart

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  • Hello Community,

    We want to use the rank system of FTBUtilities. I did setup everything and started the server. Everything worked perfectly when I restarted the server. I successfully set permissions and as said it worked really fine.
    Now following problem occurse, after the server restarts on it own, the set permissions are still there, but the file that contains this will be resetted:


    ranks {

    # Will crash when something tries to check permissions on client side.


    # Enables ranks and adds command.x permissions and allows ranks to control them.


    # Will load config/ftbutilities_ranks.txt instead of local/ftbutilities/ranks.txt.


    # Adds chat colors/rank-specific syntax.


    # Print command usage key errors?



    [file in minecraftftb/config/ftbutilities.cfg]


    the second # is the importent one. I set it to "true" and after the server restart it is set back to "false".

    I guess there is an option on nitrado that looks for changed configs and sets them back, so my question will be, how do I make my changes permanent?