XBOX SE Server being amazingly slow

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  • Hello everyone,

    So, we rent a Space Engineers server with Nitrado about 2 weeks ago. It was fine while we were just starting but as soon as we started building a few ships and drills, everything started to lag BIG TIME. I mean, continuous rollbacks in-game which often leads to death when we're using the jetpack, It always takes about 4 to 10 minutes to load the map properly (holes in mountains or ground to appear, etc.) and after about 30 minutes of play, we have to quite and restart because blocks built won't appear anymore and we can't weld anything. When we reload the game, what was built and welded will then show.... Seems like a big performance issue but I have no clue what we're doing wrong.

    Here's what we adjusted so far and it makes no difference in performance. FYI we're in Home System and spawned no other planets + we have unlimited PCU BUT there are no overly big structures (No large ships or space stations yet.l..) It's a 10 slot survival.

    - Container & Inventory: 40

    Assembler & Refinery: 10

    Harvest Ratio: x10

    Pirate PCU: 15000

    Max Floating Objects: 15

    Container drops enabled

    Tool Shake Disabled

    Drones, hounds, spiders enabled.

    - Deactivated Scripts and Experimental mode

    - Changed the setting from Cataclysm to normal to reduce the amount of asteroids

    - Deactivated Cargo Ships

    - Daily server restarts

    - Reduced asteroids from 16 to 6.

    - Reduced view distance from 15000 to 10000

    Everything else is pretty much default

    We had about 6 players at some point (which is clearly not crazy high) but they mostly all left due to the poor server performances.

    So, is there not enough CPU or RAM on those servers or did we configure something wrong?

    Any help, suggestion, insight, wisdom, good words, dedicated song is welcome.

    Thank you,


  • Hey so I run Space Wars!, and I’ll tell you, the performance of the servers do not match the slot count. I have a 100 slot and can barely hold 25 at once, the game itself isn’t very stable and Nitrado doesn’t allow server upgrades (Ram and such) on Xbox servers, which is completely unfair and crappy. You gotta get more slots to hold a minimal amount of people