Server Settings not changing

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  • Hey, so having the same problem that a lot of people seem to have had. Once I change the server setting and save. They save fine but don’t actually come through into the game. I can change the name and discription. But nothing else.
    I’ve reset, restarted, waited 30 mins and contacted Nitrado support (with little joy)

    Anyone out there could give me a hand would be awesome.


  • Having the same problem here! I tried installing some new mods, but they wouldn't load into the new game. Eventually did a full reinstall of the server, but now it's not accepting any setting changes. Haven't found a solution yet.

  • I was having this problem too. So in desperation I clicked the "delete old world" box, saved, and restarted. went and was able to find it named on the list. Settings were correct. So I went back and uncheck the delete old world button. Saved Restarted again.

  • I've had the same issue with a singleplayer world I uploaded onto my server. Maybe this helps.
    When you start a game on a server the config is "soft" so it can be changed via server console config magic.

    When you start a game in singleplayer the config is "hard", which can only be changed if you load it up in singleplayer, change the settings and mods and upload it back onto the server.