Missing Update, can't find server. PS4

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  • I just rented a server for ps4 and when I tried to look for it I couldn't find it, then I notice that in the dashboard says ''We are aware of the missing update, and our team is working diligently to resolve this. Thank you in advance for your patience. ''

    I did as many tips as I could like, changing name, Password protected is checked, unchecked favorites, checked favorites, pvp, pve. Do I have to wait until they resolved the ''update problem''?


  • Hello, King_Jasson, Your issue should be resolved by now, still, if you have issues like these in the future,

    Please contact Support directly for an update if you determine that the time the Server's been down has been for longer than usual.

    Forum Moderators can't actually take a look at your Account directly, so they would not be able to determine the issue your Server is having, should this be an isolated situation.

    Thank you for your understanding!