Mods for Xbox

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  • It's interesting that you've been told by Keen that it's a Nitrado issue, because I got told last week (by Nitrado) that it was a Keen issue and out of Nitrado's hands

    Well, I'm going to raise support tickets with both and see what happens (probably nothing)

    Wish me luck

    Keen readded back support last week. If it makes you feel better bro my crossplay server hosted at nitrado also had mods and works on xbox :-)

  • I really really really want to know the roadblock for why exactly mods are unavailable. blueprints and scripts are, and those both use, same as mods. the box version of the game is capable of running mods. mods can be used on the pc servers. so what is the roadblock here.

  • well since Nitrado is not going to fix this issue im going to look into a new provider at the end of my month with them.. ive talked to many others as well as with the guys from Keen and they told me that it seems that Nitrado is the only ones that are having this problem that all the other providers are using mods without any problems..