Fresh CSGO Server Setup server not starting. tried for 6 hrs now

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  • Hi. So i have been trying to set up a CSGO Server for the past to days to play some 5V5 games.

    It appears that the fresh installation by Nitrado is inherently broken. The gamemodes_server is pretty much empty. And the Menu for the Mapgroups isnt reflected in the server_config in any way. I dont know if this has recently broken or if i am just stupid.

    Help would be much appreciated (English and German)

  • I switched from a rust server i guess that is the issue.

    I did 8 reinstalls with different orders and 2 gameswitches back and forth.

    After you install the csgo server. What do you do appart from entering the GSLT Token?

    With a fresh reinstall i get an error under the mapgroup setting that the gamemode file is broken( its doesnt exit)

    If i choose to reset it, it just generates a completely empty one