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  • I contacted support as well but have not heard back from them regarding the ticket I created. The server is also now allowing me to add to server favorites but like someone previously mentioned, it doesn't state that it is running game. It also says that the server is at 0 / 64 players but my server should only be 10. The latency is 60ms but what is the point if no game is actually being hosted, even those the server clearly states online for Valheim but it is also clearly showing the incorrect number of available slots on the server. There must be some sort of major disconnect with how these servers are being created through Nitrado.

    Game: *Blank*

    Players: 0 /64

    Should be a 10 slot server

    Map: *Server Name*

    With ARK this field is the actual map variant, ie 'Ragnarok' but for some reason it just uses the server name you entered. Since the maps are procedural I don't think this matters but it does seem strange to not just contain a seed identifier or whatever Valheim uses.

    Latency: 60

  • works here... keep in mind you need to add 1 to the port number

    Oooh thanks buddy will try that now!

    EDIT: Can now see it but cannot connect because ...

    Same issue, my solution: Just update the server list by using the "update" button in the lower right corner. Not sure though, if it says "update", mine is in German. But I am pretty sure there is some similar button.

    Connection was possible for me then. But:

    - Server loses connection every 20min. Not kicking me out of the game luckily, its just the flashing ingame sign. Once connection is reestablished after 10-20seconds, everything is plopping around to get into correct state. Not good, but acceptable for now.

    - Up to 2 players everything is fine. 3 players is very hard to play, players and enemies rubberband around like crazy, pick up things costs 3+ seconds. 4+ players is impossible to play, server seem to be unable to handle 4 players...


    Trying to connect via steam gives me a "is not currently playing on any game server." Server doesn't appear on community servers either. Will be refunding shortly if this is not resolved.

    Try to update server list in steam as described above.

  • When I press refresh in steam, which I'm assuming is the update button, it changes from Query port to Rcon port (minus one number essentially), and then displays as not responding. Not sure what that means or if I've missed a step.

  • I just bought the server little over 2 hours ago, and the site its self seems to be crashing because i can not get into the server console period it is stating there is an error from the host, and the Valheim server is not showing up in the actual game what so ever. That is stating that its not responding. Can anyone help with this before i go completely insane.

  • I am in the same boat. Bought a server about 3 hours ago with no luck. Was going to test the game file on a local machine but i keep getting the Hostsystem is not ready or is offline when I try to access the interface. I have a ticket in but I haven't heard anything yet.

  • Last few hours my server, 10 slot located in Moscow, has been crashing in 5-10 min cycles. All that I can see in Dashboard is a message " The game folder is currently not available. Please reinstall the game server if the problem persists." This message comes and goes.

  • I called customer support, and they said they were able to connect to my server. I followed the connect via steam guide, but the below image is what appears. The game column is blank, and when I connect I get a "is not currently playing on any game server" error. When I refresh it lowers the port by -1, and then says "Server is not responding."

  • Last few hours my server, 10 slot located in Moscow, has been crashing in 5-10 min cycles. All that I can see in Dashboard is a message " The game folder is currently not available. Please reinstall the game server if the problem persists." This message comes and goes.

    100% same issue here

  • Absolutely nothing to do with it. Not a game problem. Server lag is SERVER lag. I've hosted a private server, which has had 7 players running through dungeons together, huge builds in condensed areas, etc. Server needs a restart maybe once every 24 hours but is otherwise smooth as butter. A friend also runs his own private server, same experience. Neither of us have exceptional internet, nor powerful server machines and both run extremely well.

    I don't know why Nitrado Valheim servers are lagging, but they are and I need it fixing because this is borderline unplayable.

  • Ah also if you're struggling to get steam to find your serve ror it's simply sayign that it's unavailable just connect to the server through Valheim in-game.

    To do that just rename your server so that you can browse it by name. Worked for me.

    I do constantly have this message displaying however, regardless of that people are able to connect. I just wish the server wasn't so laggy. As much as I like Nitrado when it comes to Valheim it's been pretty bad, at least in my experience so far. As mentioned above I've hosted a private server with much better performance, as has a friend. That shouldn't really be happening with low-spec server machines and commercial internet that's behind the times.


    Unfortunately, it is possible that your server cannot be found in the game. We have explained in more detail how you can find your server in our Nitradopedia. ->

  • So I've been hosting my own private server for a while now on a spare machine I've got laying around. It's not impressive, 16gb of ram an old 5820k CPU. Virgin media broadband 500mbp/s 40mbp/s upload. The server ran very well, with needing a restart about once per 24 hours. Heavy traffic, 8 players who pretty much stick together, no problem.

    I decided to host through Nitrado for accessibility for when I'm not around and to save on the electric bill, but honestly performance on a Nitrado server has been awful for Valheim. Constant restarts, ports open, tried everything I am able to. Can't so much as cut down three trees without massive desync and server lag. It's not a local issue either, all five other players are having the exact same experience.

    If I can run a private server, I'm not sure why it's being so bad here. If others are renting for Valheim and having a good experience I'd like to know that it's just an issue with my server, so I can look to resolve it and not cancel.

  • Having the same issues: cannot cut down trees or break rock; work for an hour building something, come back and it randomly despawns what I built. No reason at all. Half my build remains but the rest is gone. Does not happen when I host a server on my desktop. Not sure if other hosts are having the same problems but a buddy of mine is hosting at another host and does not have the same issues.

  • This morning my server came up running, though it did not let me to connect.

    Trying to restart it, set it in restarting mode FOREVER. Also cannot force-stop it.

    WHAT THE..? Such a low quality service.

  • I just rented a server last night, couldn't find it in steam, nor in Valhalla. Created a support ticket, no reply but just the link again on how to find it in Steam. Renamed the server maybe to better find it, nada.