After RAM Upgrade We (My friends and me) cant connect to the MC Server

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  • Hello Nitrado Community,
    I bought an MC server today and played a MODPACK on it with a buddy, but the performance was too weak which is why I upgraded the RAM. But now we can no longer access the server, it can be started, and RAM, CPU are also consumed ... and it also says that it is online, but we cannot join it, it always says "Java. net.connectException: Connection refused: no further information "

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Screenshot by Lightshot

  • During the upgrade the IP and port could have changed. Please verify that you are attempting to connect to the IP and port that displays on your panel.

    If you want to avoid having to change your server entry in the future I want to make you aware that you can also set a subdomain that always points to your server for free in your services overview. Expand the dropdown of the Minecraft server and you should see the option.

  • I forgot to mention that, the IP & the port are still the same, but we still can't join

    I also noticed something strange and it shows that 2/4 people are always online on the server, although that's not true, but when I look at players online, nobody is there