Remove items from server

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  • Hi, yeah I had the same problem. This is not easy.
    If you start a freshly installed game, with vanilla "types.xml", then the game spawns loot, and that loot can have like 2 days of lifetime. Even if you change types.xml, to zero for headtorch, and restart game, the game will continue to "remember" all the headtorches. You might have to wait them out, until they de-spawn, but some loot can have HORRIBLE long life-time. I tried to run around and delete loot myself, but that is a job for GOD himself....

    What you can do is to change the types.xml, to your settings, then wipe the server from items. BUT then you have the problem that everything the players have build, stashed, cars, tents... is gone. You can wipe the server and let players have thier loot on themselves, and just wipe all items. You can ofc also wipe both loot, and players advancment (a fresh wipe).

    To wipe the server you have to delete a folder called "storage_1" on your active map, under the folder "Mpmissions". If you delete that folder (storage_1) - you will wipe whole server, and all is fresh. If you just want to wipe some things, you can look inside "DATA" folder in storage_1 - there you can see cars, buildings.... and so on.

    I hope this helps?