Timeout/Lost connection to host..

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  • Right, as i am now past the point of being fed up with this server rental service, i have to post here. It is beyond a joke now.

    I have tried getting friends to play on the two servers i'm renting, and they all have the same issue as i have, and we're on different types of Xbox consoles, so the problem definitely is NOT with the console but rather the servers themselves having an issue actually connecting inbound clients.

    This has been (according to the internet) a problem for years now and it needs to be fixed. Otherwise i will personally contact the EU commission's customer protection dept.

    We're paying hard earned money for a service that barely let us play. I've lost several days myself. I have to restart the game far too many times in a row just to try and get connected to servers i am paying for.

    I have also been in touch with Microsoft and they're not happy about this situation either.

    Moving servers/hardware/location doesn't work. It's the ISP Nitrado uses most likely. I've had the same issue even on the Steam version. If i play on a server hosted by people using their own hardware, i have no issues whatsoever, but seeing as this is on Xbox Live, and we're paying a monthly fee just to play games online with other players, and then having to rent servers for Xbox to get clusters, I (and i'm sure most of us do) expect things to work far more smoothly than it currently is.

    I'll also add that my main server in the cluster shut itself down 3 days ago and never re-started.

    Is it really too much to ask that we get a stable, working service? If not, then what the hell are we paying for?