Minecraft Server is lagging but dont know why

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  • Hello yesterday i bought an Server for 6 soltos and with no upgrades and wanted to play modpacks with some friends but then we decided to play normal vanilla because we didnt find some modpack for us and i installed one and then i installed an bukkit normal server on 1.16.1 and then it lagged hard so i boucht the advance upgrade and then it didnt went better so i startet an normal 1.16.1 server and bought it so the server is on advanced with 2048 RAM and now 10 slots but it is lagging so hard that sometimes we have to place an block 5 to 10 times. So my question is wheather i did anything wrong or what i can do to make it better without lagging. We even cant fly around with an elytra because it is lagging so hard so please help me.


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