Yet again stuck in a restart loop

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  • This is something that can happen sometimes. If oyu manage to STOP the server, you might want to try a few things. First of all most of the problems with looping servers (in DayZ atleast), is the config file in the root-directory. That is a VERY sensetive file, and just the smallest error, can loop server forever.

    * I HOPE you made a backup of that file? Then restore it to the original one, and try again.

    * Change the name of the server, to something simple like "DayZ Test" - Save and restart again. (REMEMBER don't use " inside the name, that could kick a loop, since the name must be between "-----" Here is an example that happend to a friend of mine Name of server:

    "Dayz Hardcore "RP" server cars++ zombies++"

    As you can see, the "RP" can not be written with " ". The config file thinks the server name is "Dayz Hardcore " - and the rest after that is a error for the game to read.

    * Check all your lines in the config. Are there any lines the does not look like the rest? Like this:

    respawnTime = 6;

    enableDebugMonitor = 0;

    verifySignatures = 2;

    forceSameBuild = 1;

    disableVoN = false;

    vonCodecQuality = 7;



    If something is misspelled, or lack a character like the ; It could make the server loop.

    I have had tons of looping servers, and 99% of the time it is the "serverDZ.cfg" file, that have a un-logic setup. And most of the times, it is ME, who made "poop" in the text-lines.

    I hope this is of some help?