Every time i register my domain it stucks on "Waiting for register"

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  • Hey Nitrado support and clients ,

    i m facing a real weird problem these days , on my club domain registration

    my club name is " ISTIC google club" (its kinda related to google , IT etc ..)

    but everytime i use such domains :

    istic-google-club.com , igc-istic.com and recently i tried istic-googleclub.dev

    it stucks on domain name registration , i asked support about the issue and i got no answer

    i really want to understand whats wrong on the registration of these domains ?

    cordialy , thanks ..

  • What do you mean with "got no answer"? When did you write the ticket, the tickes will be processed in the order they are created. It usually takes around 24 to 48 hours (depending on the amount of tickets and if its a weekend etc...)

    I can only imagine, the name you have chooesen or a part of it is on a blacklist and won't be allowed. Eg. i don't think you can use google, im sure it's a registered trademark.

    No support via PM.

    Important: Mods here in the forum do not have access to your services. If we advise you to contact the support, you have to create a ticket or call them. There is nothing we can do.