installing server side mods

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  • :?: So has anyone actually been able to add mods and have it work right? Post from last year was closed but the gamer with the server issue never had a successful start. I followed the Nitrado video tutorial exactly making sure to unzip the files into a mods folder that I created. I added everything just as shown in video but the mods do not show up at all in the server. Yes I did a restart of the server after installing. I have tried multiple times over the last couple months with the same outcome. I have the latest stable version of game, the mod that works with this version, Windows 10 and no issues with any game play or adding small mods to my own files. The issue is always the server side mods and nothing at all from the mod shows up in game even after all the time it took to complete this process correctly. If anyone can please help it is MUCH appreciated. :/

  • hello there, i just managed to put some server-sided mods on my server (extra slots in backpack, extra skill points per level, different HUD) with success.

    did you do all correctly? "mods" folder in the main 7daystodie directory (not the 7DaysToDieServer_Data) and you copy the folder with the mod name example: "7daystodie/mods/120 Slots Backpack"

    Make sure your unzipped folders don't have an extra folder inside, sometimes when you unzip it creates an extra folder when picking "extract to folder"

  • As anarchy mentioned, you need to make sure you only add the unzipped folder with the "ModInfo" data. So if you unzippe a "120 Backpack Mod" and in that folder is another folder with the name "120 Backpack Mod 2" without the "ModInfo" data it wont work. So you have to make sure that "120 Backpack Mod 2" has the "ModInfo" data in it and if so just ad the "120 Backpack Mod 2" folder into your Mods folder.

    Man this explanation is something else...

  • What about config folders with another folder inside it? I have seen videos on how to load the mods server side but there are some mods that have that extra folder in it.

  • What about config folders with another folder inside it? I have seen videos on how to load the mods server side but there are some mods that have that extra folder in it.

    Hi there :)

    config folders are fine for server side mods.
    Everything else should be down here :

    You have to put them (please check that Mod and Game version match) in the root directory of you Server in a Folder called Mods

    (you have to create this yourself).


    Then you can use your Nitrado-server-dashboard file upload, to get the Mods up on the Server.

    Or (imho) the better way:

    Get your ftp login details from the dash board (just scroll down), and use some ftp-program to upload you mods. (Filezilla is free and works great).


    Don´t forget to restart the server after uploading.

    There are mods which require editing/replacing .dll-Files (i.e. overwriting original game files)

    In case you want to avoid these things, try to stick to mods that do not require install on clients or change the game files.

    Mods that require to change game files (mostly .dlls ) need to be copied to game install dir with(!!) overwriting exiting files. [Server and client side]

    Mods (that only go into the Mods Folder) with "UIAtlases" & "Resources" folders need to be installed on Server and client side.

    Mods (that only go into the Mods Folder) without "UIAtlases" & "Resources" folders don´t, they get pushed to the client while starting the game.