Server Restarts/Backups

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  • I've been having issues with running Eco servers on here. I've noticed that when I hit restart manually to enact server changes, it doesnt save the current world state. I have also set the to back up twice an hour, every hour, every day.

    My issue is that the server is both:

    1. Not saving the world data on manual restarts, and there is also no option to prompt it to.
    2. The backups are not working correctly, and will typically only do one a day.

    Anyone else had similar troubles and found fixes? I migrated from G-Portal for the increased control, but so far its only brought me trouble. (My friends are close to completely giving up as this game is time intensive and they keep getting reset after an entire days work)

    I also read that auto-restarts will automatically save and update the world file, so for now I have it set for twice a day. I'll see how that goes. (Although the server takes ages to come back up because it gets caught in a restart loop for 5-10 minutes)