my game.ini has no settings in it

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  • You have to make a decision to use 'expert mode' or use the WebUI of the server to set your settings. You cant do both. The ini is blank because you are not using expert settings yet. Most use the Webui for the settings, save. Then go to engine settings on the left which access your game.ini. Save.

    Then do a restart. Once restarted do a 'save configuration profile' on the left. This will save your gus.ini and game.ini settings.

  • im in expert settings tho i choose to go straight into it cause i know how to do some of the settings but theres no settings in it i have some in the gameusersettings but my game.ini was empty no settings or anything?

  • Again, this is expert settings. You will need to add them in yourself.


    1. TamingSpeedMultiplier=1.0
    2. HarvestAmountMultiplier=1.0
    3. XPMultiplier=1.0
    4. MatingIntervalMultiplier=1.0
    5. BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=1.0
    6. EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=1.0
    7. BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=1.0
    8. BabyImprintAmountMultiplier=1.0
    9. HexagonRewardMultiplier=1.0

    What you could also do is use the WebUI to do all those settings, save. Then go over to expert. Some of them will move over.

    Or use the file browser and edit them there.

  • thank you for your help i don't know if i was saying it right or if you didn't understand but i reinstalled the server and i have the game.ini files. the first time i opened it it was completely empty and i know i can add the code in it just i wanted the default code. i was also missing some gameusersettings i honestly think it didnt start up the server right the first time i really do appreciate the help while i was trying to figure it out :)

    would you know how i get the admin star next to my name in game aswell many thanks