miscreated Damage.log help

  • Hello,

    I have a Miscreated server with Nitrado. I see all these other companies able to download their damage.log and it'll be most up to date to the SECOND it was downloaded but for some reason when I try to do the same on Nitrado it looks like it just gives me a damage log recorded on that day.

    Example.. the damage.log records and writes a file aroudn 11 AM of every day... so from Yesterday 11:01 AM - today 10:59 AM it writes a file... but if damage was done at say 11:05 AM today... I won't be able to see that Until next day 11AM when the file log is recorded (I tried)... I want to be able to be at 11:06 AM to see who did that damage when I download the file.

    Any help please? right now i'm doing echo death throughout the server but that's not good for the roleplay.

    I want to be able to punish the rule breakers.