Admin abuse

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  • There is a server owned by Nitrado. Day z

    The admin has been abused his powers.

    Bear in mind it's a pve server which is in the name of the server.

    This admin logs in other accounts just to kill players for his cheap pleasure.

    He has spawned in double the usual amount of zombies of a town to spawn around mine and friends base. The rule I broke was I forgot to bury some NPC's. We didn't react or break any rules after this point. Then he was spawning wolves and bears around the base and still didn't do anything and now he has set the spawn point to in our base and with the zombies wolves bears and players in that area it's glitchy and slow to almost the point of it being in playable.

    I feel this has broken the EULA rules but I can't seem to find the correct sections can anyone help me with this?


    Closed the thread.