Truck not spawning and cars have nothing.

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  • For some reason I cannot for the life of me get cars to spawn with anything on them, or get the trucks to spawn in. I can only assume that there's an issue in the files but can't find it.

    I've attached a copy of my files, maybe another set of eyes can see what I can't

    Dayz Server

    Thanks in advance. :)

    Edit: I forgot to mention that the truck wrecks that don't have parts spawn on them will spawn in the spawn locations.

  • Ive never seen anything about spawning items in barrels for console. The barrels state would need to be set to open in order to place items in it. Which we can't do. A seachest on the other hand doesnt require it to be open to place items in it. Also your spawnabletypes.xml shows "<cargo chance="1">" and the item lines which is not needed as far as I know to add items to containers like seachest, bags, packpacks, ect.. You would simply add an attachment like you did for the vehicles for each item. You could create an event for this and have those item spawn at certain locations. This file does not appear to be made from an original v1.10 xml as well.

    As for your truck wrecks spawning in the usable truck spawns. Did you change any other files? They wouldn't just spawn there unless set to.

    How big is your server? 110 trucks is alot. If they were half full each, I can foresee some serious lag or crashing in your future. You are also attempting to spawn them all at once. So if you make changes, all the previous spawns would need to be wiped (de spawned) before any new trucks would come in.

    Did you download these files you are using or did you create them?

    For file checking use this site Validate XML files

    Just my opinions and thoughts.

  • I reverted them back to default, and that's what fixed the other cars, we only temporary set the stuff high to get so we didn't have to search to see if the settings worked. one we were sure they were correct, it was going to be drastically lowered, then vehicles deleted and respawned.

    Edit: The only files i've changed are Types, cfgspawnabletypes, Globals, and Events. I did use Economy to wipe the old vehicles to get them to reset, then let the server sit in idle mode for about an hour to wait for the new ones to spawn.

    Honestly we have seen almost no lag either, aside for the occasional crash because Xbox lol.

  • I have managed to fix the cars not spawning in with items but the trucks still wont load in.

    Please can you tell me how you fixed it? All my vehicles spawn in, but with nothing on/in them!

    I reinstalled the original spawnabletypes.xml after it failed, and changed batteries to 1.00 but still the same :( its terrible.