SCUM Server crashes, rollback and keeps crashing and spawning back to first crash point

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  • Yesterday our server crashed while we were in a bunker, characters froze inn place, couldn't walk anymore, camera movement still worked, so we exitted the game rebooted the server and rejoined, then we went on raiding the bunker and got outside and back to our cars.

    After driving back to our base we logged off and in since that time the server had to automated reboots till this time.

    Now when I log back in the server again I spawn back into that bunker in the place where the first crash happened. Same happens for my squad members.

    Is there anything I can do? Is there a way to have more frequent backups?

    Hope it's fixable. I hope someone can help me fast I'm a YT content creator and was hoping to continue the stream from yesterday in about an hour or maybe 2..

  • Jees..
    I have restored a backup, it was running kinda well for a while, than last night I got a message from one of my buddies that the server rebooted and he got a huge rollback (of over 6 hours) and his whole chacter got reset, he got a nude random character (male) with 2 blur bars..) I don't know what the F is going on but I'm hugely dissapointed with this..

    I'm afraid this is a Nitrado issue, as my firend has a SCUM server over at another host and doesn't have ANY issues at all..

    Another friend had a RUST server here and that was super unstable and wonky as well..

    My first ARK Server here was good, than I switched games and it all went to heck.

    Is there anything I can do? Or is this a well known problem?

  • I have the same Problem as ThirstyThursten, it froze in place at some point, we waited till the server kicked us, after the server restartet it continued as nothing had happened, since then every time we log on, we are at the exact same spot with the same honorpoints, base, crates and gear despawns, only cars stay where you moved them

    So i guess there is no solution since op was 25.1. and nobody responded ?

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