Oasis stuck on "Activating ..." for more than 24 hours

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  • I created a new Canyon11 oases after switching the hosting mode to multiple oases, with only one active map and two game servers, but it has been stuck on "Activating ..." for more than 24 hours now. I've tried restarting, stopping and reinstalling the game servers, but nothing has worked so far. I'm also stuck on the multiple oases setting and can't switch back to single.

    Creating any other hard map seems to work. Both maps are hosted and I can then deactivate it again, but the medium map seems to be stuck and doesn't allow me to delete it while activating.

    Who should I contact for help in this case, Nitrado or Last Oasis? If I should contact Last Oasis where can I send a support ticked?

    Any advice would be helpful at this point.

  • New server, has been stuck activating for several hours now. Unable to delete other oasis or activate/deactivate anything either, they appear to be stuck until the first oasis finishes activating. Have submitted a ticket to nitrado, honestly don't know if this issue is their domain or not though.

  • This seems not Nitrado issue, the server seem ok, because it can host other map when you force restart the server. According nitrado support, they said that the save of map is holding by Donkey Crew, that mean when activate or deactivate map is direct update to Donkey Crew server database

  • same, i totally give up continue rent the server, nitrado support reply won't help us to contact Donkey Crew to solve this issue. Disappoint to their service

    i post the issue to last oasis reddit., problem solve. What the ......

    Once solve my problem then remove my post, damn fast

  • The reply you were given was to contact Donkey Crew support because we know they can help with that. They've access to different tools and knowledge regarding the particular issue you'd described. Looks like they were able to assist you!

    Don't hesitate to get in touch with us again if you have any other problems.

    Note: Can I just put it out there, that we never use profanity or bad mouth game developers in our ticket responses. I reviewed this particular ticket and confirmed it was a perfectly reasonable and polite response.