What in your opinion makes an unofficial pc xbox server successful?

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  • So I am a recruiter on a 12x harvest insta tame server.

    Lately we've been having issues maintaining consistent player levels.

    Does anyone have any recommendations based off of what works for you?

  • You need to elaborate a bit more. Like, what kind of server it is, which platform it's on, how many slots it has, the location of the server also means everything.

    If it's PVE, don't do super high rates and insta tame. There's just no point unless it's a builder's server. You're only fighting the environment.

    If it's a PVP server, it doesn't hurt having high rates.

    The most important thing that matters is where people are connecting from.

    If you're in the EU and you get lots of people from the US, they'll leave relatively fast due to connection issues e.g lag spikes caused by unstable/high ping/latency. Same works the other way around.

    Do in-game events like treasure hunts where you place a small storage box with any item you want as a reward for whomever finds it. Just don't be a dick and put it inside a cave if cave building is enabled!

    Build an Arena where players can duke it out if you're on a PVE server.

    Just have to use your imagination, that's all. If people like it, they'll stay, if not then well, they'll leave.

    Is it an 18+ only server, or is it for kids? Make sure people know, because if voice coms is enabled, a lot of us grown-ups leave as soon as we hear a loud, high-pitched voice listening to music over the voice com. It's not only annoying but also distracts people from what they're doing.

    Also depends on whether or not you have rules on it. I mean a rule-less server is pretty much doomed. I've always had specific rules on my servers over the years and it has worked out well for me. Put the rules down in an advertisement post on the official ARK website forum and make sure you label the topic correctly e.g [Xbox] or [Steam] or [Win10] plus [US] or [EU] and let people know if you've got cross-play enabled.

    If there's one thing i know people hate, it's being surprised the wrong way if there's not enough information available on said server.

    However, this is all on the server owner's shoulders, when it comes to maintaining a healthy player population.