Days of being unable to play, server is rollbacked to prev version now still cant access

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  • Unable to play the past few days, Server had issues being unable to connect with the left the server issue, then this was suppose to be rsolved and issue if MODS installed, this was supposed to be solved, Now when I try to connect my Server is

    • Version


    • Client Version
    •  v1197075

    So still unable to connect, logged ticket with Nitrado.

    For proof of concept I build my own dedicated server on a separate home PC, not had any issues with MODS or server version etc. This issue seems to be a with Nitrado Support being unable to actually maintain their own servers properly. Seems ARK Servers are having the connection issue now as well, or I would have moved my rental to that game platform.

    Have end of tomorrow to resolve this, or its a request for refund and bye bye Nitrado.



  • Ah yes it seems the version on server has now finally updated back to



    Which matches the client but 3 days without being able to actually log in, will those days be refunded? I doubt it!?

  • Still having issues, getting connection problems every other minute and game pauses. Will update support on this, but I am getting to the stage where I think I will just run my own server and request a refund as this shouldn't be happening with a company this big!!

    Sorry for ranting by I, along with others no doubt, are getting very frustrated with this. I have proved to myself that the issue is not with my client etc.

    Try to get the log files from server and I get this