Server disappeared- update issue? nitrado issues?

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  • Just wondering if there was a larger problem going on with people's servers. There was an update this morning both for game and nitrado windows app. Server has disappeared from both with no changes on my end. Phone support is down at the moment (basically have their phones off). Just want to know if others are in the same boat. Support ticket in- just waiting.

  • I am having the same issue. I also called the phone number during their business hours and it went straight to their voicemail to call back in a few minutes. I have 4 Atlas servers (one main server and 3 expansions). the Main server says its not a gaming server and one of the expansions keeps stopping. And the App does not show any of my servers.

  • I have an ARK server and this happened to me as well just now. Server is gone from nitrado phone app, and i cant access the server on the nitrado webpage as well. The web interface gives me an error message as well. does this come back after a period of time or was it resolved with the support ticket?

  • I still cant get my server running. Same problem as before. Is there anything else i can do?

    I put in a support ticket and asked them to contact me when it was resolved and they told me it was, but still nothing was fixed so i updated the support ticket with that info.

    Is anyone else having issues like this? It has been about 4 days now