Astroneer server crashing

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  • Hello! So today I bought a game server(only 3 days, because I wanted to see how good it is) for Astroneer. I started the server, loaded the save with FTP, messaged some of my friends and joined the server (we were four). The first 30 minutes passed by and the server suddenly restarted by itself (I don't have automatic server restart enabled). We hopped back on the server and 15 minutes later the server restarted again. I thought that the server might be restarting, because we were 4 and the save had a lot of progress, but I was wrong. 10 minutes ago I joined the server again, because I wanted to see if it restarts while plaing alone. Nope, after 5 minutes of playing the server restarted. What can I do?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Drakexz

    Added the Label Astroneer