i cant join my own server

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  • good afternoon,

    A friend of my has rented an Nitrado server for FS19, Now we have uploaded all our mods uploaded on the Nitrado webinterface from our server. But now he cant join he's own server, the game starts synchroniseren whit other players, and when te synchroniseren finished he will get kicked from the server immediately. But i can join the server whitout any problems.

    so i hope, you guys can help me:)

    (ps. We have tried the Different Matchmaking Server's)

  • hello together I advise you to try it out like this: Restart the server often or remove all your mods and then try to join. if it still doesn't work, write back or contact support. My tip at this point is to simply reinstall servers and definitely remove all mods. Villeicht you have done a mod up that makes trouble and doesn't work properly.