my stuff is not spawning in

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  • i tried to spawn a npc in and it wont spawn in so im like ok maybe i did something that i did not mean to do on it and i looked and it was all good i went to a site that checks if there was errors but there was nothing so i tried to fix it for 47 hours still nothing is happening so i tried a sea chest and i did everything they said to do and i do them and i load back in the game and its not there so i did the same thing then i was like lets try out the plank piles bc i need them so i did the same thing and still nothing is spawning idk if there is a bug going on idk if someone can help me out plz do so bc the only thing i got done on the server is to fix the spawn rate for items

  • To start your location is incorrect . Why do you have duplicate items spawning in the chest??

    Syntex should like the following,

    <!-- cfgeventspawns.xml New Entry -->

    <event name="ItemSeaChest">

    <pos x="4095.21" z="10295.17" a="-1" />


    <!-- events.xml New Entry -->

    <event name="ItemSeaChest">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0"/>





    <child lootmax="150" lootmin="150" max="50" min="30" type="SeaChest"/>



    <!-- cfgspawnabletypes.xml Replace Entry -->

    <type name="SeaChest">

    <cargo chance="1">

    <item name="Mag_STANAGCoupled_30Rnd" />


    <cargo chance="1">

    <item name="Mag_FNX45_15Rnd" />


    <hoarder />


    Org File Created by Bhaalshad. For more help files for DayZ come visit us at DonSibley.Games

    If you upload this to another Discord or webpage, please leave filename intact and dont take credit

    as your own. Thank you and enjoy

  • If there is anything in that location it will not spawn. The area must be clear of everything. Also sometimes changing the saferadius to a lower distance helps. Be sure the server is not online while uploading your modified file as well.