Comment only from me - not having whitelist on console is not helping nitrado sales

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  • i was thinking about buying a bunch more xbox ark servers. after learning that i cannot do whitelisting, i'll grow the steam set of servers and decrease my xbox community. in a few days, i'll have 30+ servers and now the division of platform allocation is going to change on what i purchase moving forward. xbox, no. steam, yes. and steam is much cheaper out on the open world away from nitrado as consoles are their bread and butter monopoly. i even plan on buying 15 ps4 servers and now that is entirely out knowing this. no way! having to always monitor pw protected servers means you have no life and NEED to be glued to the platform. no way!

    i'm a developer during the day and to not be able to use a text file as input...THAT is truly unreal and unacceptable. WOW!!! talk about issues pushing business away from one platform and towards another platform.

    you basically are pushing decision makers away for no valid reason as a text file and a steam ID is beyond simple inside of the code to handle. ultimately, all parties involved (ms, nitrado and the xbox only users) are the losers here. :thumbdown: