Multiple issues with server

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am probably not the only one with multiple server problems. a few examples of problems that I am experiencing myself:

    1 server can sometimes not be found at all.

    2 settings are not changed.

    3 Server regularly has a roll back.

    4 expert settings do not work.

    I've tried to contact Nitrado many times before. but nitrado just closes a support question without any further help.

    There is also no information whatsoever about when problems are solved or approximately solved.

    Of course I also understand that it sometimes takes time to solve a problem. and I will certainly respect that. but that Nitrado refuses to give more information is much too much for me.

    I believe that anyone who experiences the same problems also agrees that more information can really be used when something is solved.

    Unfortunately I can no longer agree that there is no information at all. and a redirect to another part of the forum does not solve the problem either.

    I think it is time for Nitrado to take responsibility in this area and provide more information.

    after all, we paid customers and purchase a service.

    ~ Rohan

  • My main issue is I have had a server that closes in 2 days, that I have not been able too use NOT ONE TIME! All I get is nothing!