Constant Issues With Nitrado - complaint!

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  • Nitrado need to up their game and stop been greedy!!!

    i spend £800+ per month on approx 17 maps on ARK. and they constantly have server issues so i need to reinstall and change servers. Mainly upon server launching too. so it effects server pop for the full month wasting majority of hosting money spent. I have complained and got 0 compensation for their hardware and other issues.

    I was also advised that i need to re-install my servers every wipe to clear uploads ingame which is totally ****. I found out from a friend todo it without reinstalling and re-configing all the servers every time!



  • wow, Nitrado are really going to their way to help people...NOT

    I have just used the Nitrado app to purchase 4 extra servers for my ark xbox community £170+

    for some strange reason they have a ARK PC version on this app (which xbox players cannot play)

    I called and advised this and i cannot use them as i assumed they are xbo and can they change to xbox versions... they told me to goto xbox to get refund then re-order.

    They said they can cancel them but cant refund. but they can also setup xbox servers when xbox ones go down.

    im complently annoyed as im gonig to have to wait upto 14 days for a refund via xbox i need these servers TOMORROW!

    0/10 for customer service

  • dude, i got no joy, amount of issues i have had and i havent even had 1 day re-imburse, The reason i am posting these if for a director of the company sees this and sorts it out!!!

    If you can send them to this thread. They really need to up their game

    Supprise Supprise..........ANOTHER ISSUE!!

    i am currently very busy irl and 17 of my servers are getting DDOSED (No one can play), i called nitrado via skype multiple times for the guy to change my ips and he said "make a ticket" i need this urgently done as it is impacting my comunity. tickets take a long time to get actioned and i need this done ASAP. i even asked the guy to submit a ticket for me he said "NO!"

    Its blatently ovious he didnt want to do the work of switching all of my gaming servers.


    he said he name was "Max" with a foregin voice. im outraged! you have phone support and i even asked i did not previously need to make tickets to get this sorted, he said yelled YES YOU DO even without asking for my account id. he then put the phone down.

    i always sort this same issue by phone, Nitrado keep supprising me!

    Its now been 2 hours since and no1 can play my servers!