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  • Ok, I figured out how Nitrado does the activation of the domain part and I was able to make my domain active.

    I am assuming the following: (1) you purchased a domain through Nitrado- (2) you purchased webspace through Nitrado.

    I was able to link the domain to the webspace in 30seconds with no issues. I was rather impressed how easy it was.

    In you services page, see where the domain is. Click on the down arrow and select "allocate web package". This will take you to a page with a dropdown. Select the package you just had created. Select save or change. It will link the 2. Mine worked fine. Did you do that part? if so and you are still having an issue, you will have to wait for a Nitrado Support person respond to your ticket.

    As for the DB+User. Their interface is not what I would expect. I know what you need but I do not see the options in the screen. I see where you create the DB and grant access to the outside. Another option should be there to create user of the DB so you can link the 2.

    I see only this....

    Username: databasename

    Password: the password you've chosen

    Database: databasename

    You and I have figured out the DB creation. But I see nowhere to create the UN+Pass. In cPanel its right at the beginning.

    Sadly for this part you will need Nitrado Support to respond to your ticket.


  • You do not know how much you helped, if you with your said experience say it isn't possible it makes me extremely happy to know I am not doing something wrong or going crazy hah

    One last question would you be able to manually replace the froxlor or am I stuck with it without help from support?

  • Well, I try. I know how frustrating a first time 'getting your site' up can be. Been there. I struggle when a CMS completely changes stuff. lol. *coughs- mambo/joomla.

    As for the froxlor, that is a took in which Nitrado has selected to use. If they were to change it, its for everyone. If what they have chosen. You may want to give them feedback on it. It could have been chosen as its used more in the UK/GER. Here in the USA I have always seen cPanel. If you do get stuck, you should always be able to contact Nitrado Support and ask questions. You may want to watch some YT on froxlor. Which I suspect you have already started that journey. :)

  • That would be an understatement on the YT, every add is about website hosting and designs lol

    While I wait for support to reply (which is very slow) I will watch some YT more on how froxlor works and to see if there is something being missed.