Post-v.520.12 Issues? (Blackwood PvPvE)

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  • Aside from the chaotic, almost satire bugs in the game that we've all learned to live with, I've RARELY experienced Atlas crashing, or "dashboarding".

    That is, until the recent update of v.520.12. I've reinstalled the game and cleared my Xbox's cache, but I am still exiled to the home screen of my console within 5 minutes of logging into my server. And I'm the only person in my server (so far) that is experiencing this.

    Is anyone else dealing with the same issue? Or possibly know a fix/workaround? I'm getting increasingly frustrated, as this is my day off work.||

  • Been crashing about once every hour or two on Ocean since patch. About every 5 minutes on Blackwood, but occasionally longer. Sad state, Blackwood is unplayable right now. Seems to be Xbox client side.